At GROUP A, we...

++ see ourselves as an international operating design firm, specialised in urban design, architecture and interior design.

++ carry a portfolio comprising a broad range of projects including: offices, residential and industrial buildings, theatres, hotels and museums, mixed-use developments, redevelopments and inner-city infrastructural & public transport hubs.

++ encourage the blending of both passion and intuition, enthusiasm and maturity, as well as experience and learning; combined features which have led to an unambiguous and clear GROUP A signature.

++ uphold an integrated working methodology, which aims to be a beacon of inspiration and direction for third party consultants involved in our projects.

++ consider sustainability and corporate social responsibility to be a natural and integral part of the design process. Our comprehensive and holistic approach is typical of our office’s view on sustainability.

++ commit ourselves to the creation of buildings and public spaces that rejuvenate urban areas, thereby contributing to the general well-being.

++ aspire to implement the ambitions of the user. We understand their need for fostering identity and urban presence.

++ are dedicated to seeing our projects through right up to the end. Our sense of responsibility is deeply engrained in our mindset.

++ have purposefully designed our own office-space to encourage social interaction between the various disciplines in our organisation. Feedback from staff and clients confirms everyone is positively influenced by the light and bright atmosphere, which in turn - we are delighted to say - has resulted in a high degree of dynamic creativity and imaginative solutions.

++ always move alongside and in tandem with our clients and team.